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ComprehensiveCare Solutions

At Restoration Adult Day Services LLC, we take pride in offering a haven of compassionate adult day care services in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our commitment revolves around providing supervised care that ensures the safety and well-being of our cherished seniors.

caregiver and his patient smiling

Your Haven for Supervised Care and Joyful Wellness!

Beyond providing a secure haven, we infuse each day with joy through gentle and enjoyable exercise programs. Embrace the fusion of safety and fun, where we don't just maintain but genuinely restore the quality of life. Explore the transformative experience at our facility, where care intertwines with joy, and every moment propels you toward elevated well-being.

We Provide the Following Services:

Explore the spectrum of care and support we offer, making every day a step towards a revitalized and restored quality of life.

caregiver and her two patients smile on the camera

Therapeutic and Educational Activities

Elevate well-being through engaging in activities that promote cognitive vitality and emotional fulfillment.

caregiver and her patient read a book

Respite Care for Caregivers

Our respite care ensures your loved one receives quality support while you recharge.

caregiver assist her patient in eating breakfast

Nutritional Meals

Savor the flavors of health with our delicious and nutritious meals.

caregiver assist his patient in stepping out the car

Transportation to and from the Center

Enjoy stress-free transportation, ensuring easy access to our vibrant community.

caregiver comb her patient's hair

Skilled Nursing Services

Experience professional and compassionate services that prioritize health and well-being.

patient undergo physical therapy

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Empower your physical, mental, and communicative abilities.

caregiver and her patient smiling

Social Work Services

We foster community and understanding, providing assistance, resources, and guidance for individuals and families.

Senior washwoman in uniform working with towels

On-site Laundry Services

Enjoy the convenience of getting your clothes washed, dried, and folded while getting the care you need at our center.

Get in Touch Contact Information

Ready to embark on a journey towards restored well-being? Feel free to connect with us using the contact information provided below.